Dear Parents,

Welcome to Learning Bridge Early Education Center, where care and education go hand in hand.

You know your child best. On your first day, you and your child will spend the morning together in the classroom to help your child feel comfortable. Your child can bring a photo of you or a small lovey for comfort at naptime. Our established classroom routines will support your child's transition. We will work with you to make the shift to full-day care as smooth as possible - for both of you!

Our experienced teachers look forward to getting to know your child and developing an intentional learning cycle around their likes and interests. We want all our children to be safe and secure. We want them to develop the skills to foster a love of lifelong learning.

Preparing each child for kindergarten is our highest priority. To that end, we will help your child learn self-regulation, social skills and higher order thinking.

Physical activity is very important for the growing brain and your child will be active daily in our gross motor playroom, extensive outdoor playground, or planting, weeding and harvesting in our vegetable garden.

We want you to have peace of mind that your child is safe and sound while being active and learning throughout the day.


-Lindsay Percival, Executive Director