Loving infant and toddler care, carefully managed. 

Learning Bridge Infant Toddler Program offers in-home care in locations across Evanston and Skokie. This program provides:

  • Small groups of mixed-age infants and toddlers in a home setting
  • Licensed, independent contractors, monitored and supported by Learning Bridge staff
  • A curriculum design that stimulates age-appropriate early education
  • Ongoing developmental screenings and individualized, intentional responses
  • Consistent and positive relationships with care providers and other children
  • Enrichment including a weekly roving musician and Play Enhancement Program (PEP)
  • Successful transitional process to preschool, early education programs, and kindergarten.


If you are interested in this program:

  1. CONTACT Infant Toddler Program Manager Treana Monroe at 847-864-5610 or via email at monroet@lbeec.org to find out where current openings are located.

  2. PLAN your visit directly with the child care provider in the home where availability exists.

  3. ENROLL with Ms. Treana who will follow up and help you to complete all of the necessary paperwork.

Ms. Treana also welcomes exploratory calls from parents not yet ready to enroll their child, or interested in chatting more about the Learning Bridge Infant Toddler Program.

We want to help you make the best decision you can for your infant and your family.


Click here to see the Learning Bridge Infant Toddler Program School-Year Calendar 

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